14 Feb

Not All Work Boots are the Same

Work boots are required for safety in many industries. Construction, mining, electricity, plumbing, automotive, and some manufacturing are just a few. The footwear is designed to protect the foot, support the ankles, and keep sharp items from penetrating the outer sole.


Many types of boots are available with a steel toe cap to prevent heavy items from crushing the toes. They also protect the toes from getting broken if a professional walks into the equipment. Steel toe boots can be heavy and clunky, depending on how the steel is incorporated into the work boot.

If it is double stitched in place and covers the entire toe box, the steel will not cause the front of the boot to sag on the top of the foot. A cheaply made pair will be prone to weaken. This is common in boots that are not made of high-quality leather.

Ankle Support

All boots that come up slightly above the ankle do not provide support. Some will lace up higher, but not provide any extra support. A superior pair of work boots will have cushioning that extends from the heel and continues to the top of the boot.

The ankle is properly supported without a hot and bulky feel. That is important when working outdoors all day. It will also alleviate pressure on the ankle and drastically reduce twisted or fractured ankles on the job.

The Sole

A thick and rugged outer sole is essential on a job site. Nails, glass, and concrete rubble will be everywhere. Stepping on any of those materials in cheap soles can cause an injury. Traction is also critical in some professions. A flimsy sole will compromise stability and safety.

How to Select the Best Boots

Research work boot manufacturers before purchasing boots. Find out if the company holds any patents on materials or technology used. Discover if the product is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Do the boots meet the safety standards? What is the warranty on the product? Can they be returned? Most of the answers can be found on manufacturer websites so gather more online information to narrow down the possibilities. Once a few brands have been selected, find a place to try them on and have them properly fitted.